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Oct. 7 Premarket Briefing: 10 Things You Should Know

U.S. stock futures suggest a higher open for Wall Street on Wednesday and global stocks gain as oil prices rise.
6 Amazing, No-Flake Mascaras

We took a cosmetic chemist shopping to find flake-free mascaras. You won't believe our top picks
Working After 50: How to Navigate the Workplace So You Don't Short-Change Retirement

Theres a strong chance that one out of every three Americans reading this is over the age of 50not quite ready to retire and still a viable, valuable worker.
7 Stellar Makeup Brands for Dark Skin

Still searching for the perfect match? These beauty brands have the widest range of shades that look gorge on darker skin tones
Amazon May Add Internet Channels to Amazon Prime Streaming Service

Online retail giant looks for ways to keep consumers glued to its merchandise delivery service
Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Dead in Reported Suicide

Cathriona White, the 28-year-old Irish makeup artist whom TMZ refers to as Jim Carrey's "on-again/off-again" girlfriend, was found dead of an apparent suicide Monday night. Two friends found her after going to check on her, the gossip site reports, and law enforcement sources believe she overdosed on pills. Carrey, 53,...
Clinton's SNL Return: Trump-Bashing Bartender

Hillary Clinton stopped by Saturday Night Live last night as promised , opposite Kate McKinnon, the latest comedian to play her on the late-night comedy sketch show. This time the former secretary of state and would-be commander in chief was slinging drinks as Val the bartender, who kept 'em coming for...
Got Bad Credit? You'd Better Start Getting New Credit

Fixing your credit often means getting new lines of credit. That can be a tall order when your credit it under 500. So how do you get new credit?
Education Secretary Duncan Expects to be Home for Christmas

Arne's army stands down as his second in command takes over to finish term.
Fantasy Football Insider Trading Scandal Sacks Gambling World

Fantasy football attracts big money and takes its fair share out of your wallet. But the system may be more nefarious than you realized.
9 savvy strategies to save for a rainy-day fund

This fund covers unexpected, expensive emergencies. Here's how to prepare.
4 secrets to being a frugal foodie

You don't have to dumpster-dive behind pricey restaurants to be a frugal foodie.
5 Luxurious Ways to Boost Your Home's Resale Value

Not all renovations are created equal. Here are five that are most likely to make a property appreciate (and be appreciated by househunters).
Panera Plans Growth Beyond Its Stores

Panera Bread(NASDAQ: PNRA) wants to build out itscatering, consumer packaged goods, and delivery streams into $1 billion businesses. Calling those areas the company's 2.0 initiative, CFO Mike Bufano told a group of investors at a recent meeting that the goal was to increase theaccessibility of the chain's products to customers, Nation's Restaurant Newsreported. "Ultimately, management believes catering, delivery, and CPG each hold the potential to be $1 billion businesses vs.
Billboard Names Woman of the Year

Lady Gaga is the woman of the year, according to Billboard magazine. Billboard announced Tuesday that the pop star will be honored at its Dec. 11 Women in Music event in New York City. The decade-old event will be televised for the first time, on Lifetime on Dec. 18. Gaga...
The Five Most Disruptive Technologies of 2015

A breakdown of the five most important disruptive innovations in 2015, including wearable technology, ride sharing and smartphones.
What Made It Into Mickey D's All-Day Breakfast and What Didn't

The highly anticipated all-day breakfast menu at McDonald's is debuting nationwide Tuesday, but not everyone's morning favorites have made the cut, ABC News reports. Those who are jonesing for the chain's hash browns, hotcakes, fruit and yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, and sausage burritos are in luckas are those who want...
Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat

Belly fat may be the most stubborn to lose and your daily decisions could be sabotaging your efforts.
Where to find answers on the Loan Estimate

Questions about a mortgage offer? Here's where to find answers on the Loan Estimate.
When a bank fails, what happens to your money?

Learn how -- and for how much -- your money is insured in case your bank fails.
20 Genius Products to Beat Indoor Allergies

Bedding, air purifiers, and vacuums that will help you stay sneeze-free through allergy season.
How to haggle on your mortgage closing costs

The new Loan Estimate form is designed to make it easier for you to negotiate closing costs.
12 Germs That Cause Food Poisoning

From E. coli to Salmonella to norovirus, stomach bugs can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other forms of misery. Read on to learn where they're hiding—and how to avoid them.
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Unprecedented Inquiry Sought in Hospital Airstrike
Doctors Without Borders isn't letting the deadly airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan slip quietly away. The group Wednesday called the US bombing that killed 12 of its staffers and 10 patients "an attack on the Geneva Conventions" and called for an unprecedented independent investigation, reports Voice of America . "Even... More >
Latest News
Harvard Debate Champs Lose to Team of Prisoners
Next up, a debate with the parole board? The Ivy League's finest debate team was defeated by a team of prisoners from a maximum-security prison in New York state. The three-man Eastern Correctional Facility team was declared the winner after debating for an hour with Harvard's debate team, which won... More >
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